Filtering tasks help streamline the tasks displayed along the lines of a particular criterion you set, such as a tag, assigned attorney, status, and matter.

So, let's say you want to exclusively see tasks related to research or want to assess an attorney's performance through the progress of tasks he has completed, filtering helps to achieve just that.

To filter tasks:

1. Head over to the Tasks located at the left-handed side-menu


2. Click Filter on the extreme right-side


3. Choose a filter option by selecting an option in any or both of the first two fields, or entering data in one or both of the last 2 fields

Filter Tasks by Assigned Attorney

  • Click the Assigned to field to reveal all members that various tasks are currently assigned to


Filter Tasks by Status

  • Filter tasks by the status of their completion by selecting any of View All, Complete or Incomplete


Filter Tasks by Matter

  • You can also filter tasks to exclusively see all tasks created for a matter.


Filter Tasks by Tag

  • Alternatively, you may choose to filter tasks by using tags that matters have hitherto been associated with.


Note: Whether you chose one filter or a combo of filters, click X to close the dialog, and tasks with the specified filter only will now appear in the Tasks panel

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