If you have marked a task as completed by mistake, you can once again open the task.

To re-open a completed task:

1. Click on Tasks in the sidebar menu to view the task list.


2. Click on Filter to open the Filter Tasks panel.


3. Click on Tasks.


Lawcus will display a drop-down list.

4. Select Complete from the drop-down list.


5. Click on X to close the Filter Tasks panel. Lawcus will now show you all the completed tasks in your Task List.


6. Click on the checkbox of the task you want to re-open. Lawcus will re-open that task and add it to your task list.

7. To once again view all your incomplete tasks, open the Filter Tasks panel and select "Incomplete" from the Tasks drop-down list. Lawcus will now show you all your incomplete tasks.

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