Usually, when you create a task, it is created as a Public Task. A public task is visible to all persons in your team, or all persons connected with the matter or lead. However, Lawcus allows you to create private tasks as well. A private task is visible only to the person who has created the task. Private tasks are useful for setting up personal tasks/reminders (that are not related to your work), or for tasks which you don't want others to know about.

You can mark a task as private while creating the task, or you can mark it as private later.

To mark a new task as private:

  1. While creating the new task, click on the Make Private icon


2. Click on the Add button. The task will be created as a private task and will be visible to you alone.

Note: The Make Private icon


is a toggle. Click once on it to make a task private. Click again on it to make the task public.

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