Your teammates and managers can assign tasks to you. You can also create tasks of your own and assign them to others, if required. Tasks can optionally have a due/end date. Tasks can also be set up as repeat tasks, which means that when you mark a task as completed, Lawcus will automatically set up the task again after a pre-determined interval. Tasks can be marked as Private or Public tasks. Tasks can also be independent tasks or connected to a matter or lead.

Lawcus displays all your tasks--whether they were assigned to you or created by you--in the Tasks screen.

To view your tasks:

Click on Tasks in the left sidebar. Lawcus displays the Tasks screen.

  1. Click My Tasks to view all tasks that have either been assigned to you, or created by you.

  2. Click Delegated to view all tasks that you have delegated to others.

  3. Use this section to add a new task and set its properties.

  4. Lawcus displays the list of tasks in this section.

  5. This is the due date for a task. Lawcus displays the due date of overdue tasks in red.

  6. Click the checkbox next to task to mark it as "Complete".

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