We do provide data migration services for new users for a fee with the whole process likely to take about 2 weeks.

We can import almost everything, including Custom Fields, Clients, Matters, Matter relationships, Notes, Time Entries, Expense Entries, Flat Fees, Invoices, Payments, and balances.

The only limitation is that we CANNOT import intake forms and documents.

We will get the export files from your previous software and work on them from our end. Upon migration, a login/password to your account is availed you to confirm that the data imported is satisfactory.

During all this migration time, you can continue to use the previous, so you have no downtime. On a Friday evening, we will again get the final data from your previous software and import it again to Lawcus, so that when you come back on Monday, you can start with Lawcus without any disruption.

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