Building brand identity is vital due to the competitiveness of today's legal market and logos are a timeless marketing element for achieving that. Adding your logo on client invoices is one avenue for indirectly nurturing this identity in your client's subconscious.

Sometimes when you create an invoice template logo, it can initially display your firm logo in a small size but subsequently expand it to take up half the page when you print an invoice or download it as a PDF file.

To appropriately resize your firm logo for invoice template:

  1. Open any free image resizing tool such as Adobe Image Resizer

  2. Upload your existing logo

  3. Click the Resize for: drop-down list and select Custom

  4. Input 1764 in the Width field and 974 in the Height field, then download the resized logo

  5. Navigate back to Lawcus and click the avatar image, then tap Settings

  6. Navigate to the Firm Settings section and click Company Info

  7. Click the Select logo button and locate the logo from your computer files

  8. Click Save

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