On Lawcus, our data analytics engine does a great job of presenting a comprehensive report of account receivables, including invoice and other payments money owed by your clients in exchange for legal services rendered to them.

Before downloading the automated report as a CSV for use in spreadsheet software or as a PDF file, you can filter it by Responsible Attorneys, Date Range, Clients, and more as desired.


Navigating to accounts receivable data analytics interface

To navigate to the accounts receivable report analytics interface:

  1. From anywhere on Lawcus, click Dashboard on the side-menu

  2. Switch to the Reports interface

  3. Navigate to Accounts Receivable

Filtering accounts receivable data for desired result:

To filter accounts receivable report as desired:

  1. Tap the Filter button

  2. Choose desired benchmark(s) to filter details that'll be featured in the report from responsible attorneys to client, matter, result grouping metric, practice area, and date

  3. Close the window once done filtering

Generating an accounts receivable report in PDF format

To generate your report in PDF format:

  1. Click the Download PDF button

  2. Tap Save File and then Ok to open up the downloaded report with any desired software

Curating an accounts receivable report in CSV format

To curate your report in CSV format:

  1. Click the Download CSV button

  2. Tap Save File and then Ok to open the report with any spreadsheet software

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