The Payments Collected report provides a summary of all payments you have received from clients and recorded on your Lawcus account. It details the invoice number to which the payment collected was applied, the client who made the payment, the destination the payment was sent to, as well as the payment amount and date. The grand total of payments collected for the period selected is also featured at the foot of the report.

Within the Payments Collected report analytics interface, you can adjust, filter, group, and arrange the payments data in a variety of ways. For example, you can filter information by bank accounts, date range, responsible attorneys, practice area, clients, or matter.


Navigating to payments collected report interface

  1. From anywhere on Lawcus, click Dashboard on the side-menu

  2. Tap Reports

  3. Navigate to Payments Collected

Filtering payments collected data

To filter payments collected data as desired:

  1. Tap the Filter button

  2. Choose metric(s) to filter data that's included in the report

  3. Close the window once done filtering

Generating a payments collected report in PDF format

To run a payments collected report n PDF format:

  1. Click the Download PDF button

  2. Tap Save File and then Ok

  3. Open up the downloaded report with any desired software

Curating a payments collected report in CSV format

To put together a payment collected report in CSV format:

  1. Click the Download CSV button

  2. Tap Save File and then Ok

  3. Open the report with any spreadsheet software

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