To save yourself the stress of always manually moving a conversation in Gmail to a matter under Lawcus' label, you can create an initial rule - using the client's email address or some other search text - to move such emails to its folder.

This way, you don't have to log messages every time there are activities on that email communication trail.

Note: Gmail uses "labels" in place of "folders," and each email may have several labels.

Creating an automated rule that organizes emails into their folder on Gmail

To create a Gmail rule that transfers emails into the appropriate matter folder:

  1. Tap the searchbox settings in your Gmail account interface to reveal the filter setup

  2. Input the matter's name in the Has the words field and tap Create Filter

  3. Check the "Apply the label" checkbox and select the matter name from the dropdown list

  4. If you'd like to include previous communications from the client in the folder, check the Also apply filter to ... matching conversations checkbox. If not, move to the next step

  5. Click the Create filter button to finish up

  6. Navigate to the matter's folder (or label) to find all its emails in one place

Note: You only need to create this filter rule once for every newly-created matter

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