Bulk invoicing is perfect for when you've got multiple clients to bill for legal services rendered, typically at the end of your law firm's billing cycle. With this feature on Lawcus, you can filter several unbilled activities and easily create bulk invoices for consequent sending to clients involved.

Creating bulk invoices

To simultaneously create multiple invoices:

  1. Go to Invoices, then click Billable Clients

  2. Check the checkbox for each uninvoiced activity you'd live to bill for, or the first checkbox to select all

    Note: You can also filter uninvoiced activities that show up by client name, matter, date, and more

  3. Review the firm details such as logo, address, mobile number, etc., that'd accompany each invoice, then click Next

  4. Check the desired tax rate's checkbox, then tap Next

  5. Review Invoice Options, then tap Create to finalize the process

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