For law firms that anticipate or take on medium-to-large corporate clients, LEDES 1998B format invoices are a must-have asset in your billing process for auditing purposes.

The 1998B Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard format, short for LEDES format, is currently the most popularly used by the US legal industry due to its streamlined structure and control of legal spending.

Note: The option to download an invoice in the LEDES 1998B format won't appear unless you've enabled UTBMS code usage in time and expense entries.

Downloading an invoice in the LEDES 1998B format

To download a LEDES 1998B-formatted invoice:

  1. Navigate to Invoices, then open your prepared invoice

  2. Tap More Actions, then select Download LEDES1998 from the dropdown options

  3. Tap on the downloaded file to access LEDES-formatted invoice

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