Lawcus now allows users to sync Lawcus contacts with Google contacts making it simple to browse contacts and find your client's contact information on Lawcus. This feature allows you to import all contacts from Google to Lawcus and vice-versa.

How to sync contacts with Google?

1. Navigate to Settings > Apps & Calendars.

2. Goto Email and Calendar.

Integrate your email with Lawcus if not already done.
Before integrating your email to Lawcus, connect Lawcus to Gsuite.

3. Enable the Contact sync by moving the toggle to the right.

After enabling the sync, you can sync contacts from Google to Lawcus and vice-versa. For example, you can add a contact anywhere on Lawcus or Google, which will show on both platforms.

Points to be noted for the contact sync to work efficiently -

1. While adding or editing contacts will sync bi-directionally, deleting a contact in Google will not delete the contact in Lawcus and vice-versa.
This ensures that contacts associated with matters/invoices are not deleted from Lawcus.

2. The contacts on google without a first name, last name, or company name won't sync with Lawcus.

It would be best if you had a first/last name or a company name to sync a contact to lawcus.
Without either of them, the contact from google will not sync to Lawcus.

3. If the contact has a company name on Google, it will create a company-type contact on Lawcus, irrespective of whether the contact has a first/last name.

4. Users can individually enable the contact sync in their respective accounts.
Note - It will sync all their contacts with the organization on Lawcus.

5. If you merge contacts on Google, please remember that it will not do the same on Lawcus. It will update the information on one contact, i.e., it will have information from the merged contacts on Lawcus on one single contact but will not merge the two contacts and make them one single contact as on Google.

6. The user avatar color would be the same when contacts import from Google to Lawcus but not vice-versa.

7. If you import contacts on Lawcus using a CSV and the file has invalid emails, the contacts will be added on Lawcus but not synced with Google.

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