With Lawcus, you can easily set up tasks that start on a particular date or end on a particular date or at a specific time.

To add a start date and/or and end date/time to a task:

Click on the Due Date


button while creating a new task, or, if modifying an existing task, click on the task to view the its details and then click on Due Date.


Lawcus displays a calendar.


2. Click on Add start date. Lawcus will add a Start Date field and the "Add start date" link will change to "Remove start date".


3. In the calendar, click on the starting date of the task.

Note: If required, use the scrollbar to select the month before you click on a date.

4. Click on the ending date of the task.

Tip: If the task ends on the same date as the starting date, click once again on the same date. For example, if a task starts and ends on Feb 5, click once on 5 to set the starting date (as in step 3 above), and click once again on 5 to set it as the due date too.


5. Optionally, click on Add due time to add an ending time for the task. Lawcus will add a Due Time field and the "Add due time" link will change to "Remove due time".


6. Click in the Due Time field. Lawcus will display an hours selector.


7. Drag the handle to the required hour. Lawcus will display a minutes selector.


8. If required, click on AM or PM.

9. Click on Ok to set the Due Time.


10. Click on the Done button to save your changes and return to the Task Details screen.


11. Click on the Update button to update the task.

Note: If this is a new task, click on the Add button to create it. Lawcus will add the task to your My Tasks tab.


Lawcus will also add the task to your default Calendar.

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