Getting Started with Lawcus

Your Team's Onboarding Essentials.

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Video Tutorials

Prefer audio-visual guide to maximizing Lawcus? Here you go!

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Account Settings

Learn how to manage and control your account options to do more with Lawcus

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General Settings

Configure your global preferences and settings.

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Dashboard & Reports

Monitor and leverage analytics and reports to get a simplified overview of your practice

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CRM & Client Intake

Your guide to managing leads, client onboarding and intake

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Contact Management

All the resources you need to manage your client contacts

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Workflows & Automations

Learn more about using workflows to automate processes in your legal practice

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Billing & Invoicing

Simplify the process of creating, sending, and managing legal invoices and payments.

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Your one-stop resources to leveraging tasks on Lawcus

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Client Portal

Discover how to communicate securely with clients

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Custom Fields

Your guide to doing more with custom fields on Lawcus

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Seamlessly get things done by integrating with multiple productivity tools

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FAQ Section

All the answers there is to frequently asked questions about Lawcus

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Calendar & Events

Efficiently manage your legal practice's schedule and organize events for streamlined operations.

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Matter Management

Efficiently organize and track legal cases, documents, and tasks.

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Document Management

Streamline your legal document handling, storage, and collaboration.

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Payments & Accounting

Streamline financial processes for your legal practice, including trust accounting, online payment integration, and more.

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Efficiently manage and track all forms of communication within your legal practice for effective client interaction.

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