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All the answers there is to frequently asked questions about Lawcus

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Notification Settings in Lawcus.
How does SMS work in Workflow?
How to close a Matter automatically using automation?
How to Unshare a Matter with a Client?
How to manage Clients?
How do you make tasks appear on the integrated Google/Outlook calendar?
Is there a way to Restore Deleted Workflows?
Is it possible to see all leads (both hired and not hired) in one view?
Is "Lead Source" a required field when creating a new lead?

Securing Your Legal Data: Robust Security Measures on Lawcus
Lawcus's W-9 Form
How to Archive Past Clients and Manage Non-Hired Leads in Lawcus?
Can a teammate view all the time entries added by other teammates on a matter?
Why is the Rounding Time Preset Not Executing on Matters?
Can I filter client trust and matter balance reports by date to see available balance report at different times?
While adding a repeating related contact, does the merge field sequence contacts like 1, 2, and so on?
Understanding the "Last Contacted" Date on Kanban Cards
Can I restore a deleted file?
How to locate the link to your calendar to send people for scheduling?
Can my answering service access the calendar to book my consults?
Do I have to pay additionally for the Lawcus calendar and appointment scheduler?
Can I track time without attaching any client or matter to it, and is it saved for subsequent analysis?
Does my account data reside on our local network computer or in the cloud?
Do all parties to an eSign automatically receive a copy of the signed document?
Should client retainers be added to the trust balance?
Can I use lead fields in an auto-generated document?
Document Templates: Supported File Types
Will signature requests sent out of Lawcus be available in my email sent folder?
What Can I Find Using the Search Bar?
How to Find Tagged Notifications?
Troubleshooting HelloSign: The interface never pops up to add the signature blocks.
How to export data from Clio
How do I resend a document for E-signature?
Can I log emails?
How long does it take for a newly scheduled appointment to show up on integrated calendars?
Can I add more merge fields for document templates other than the available ones?
Can I get regular Lawcus notifications through SMS?
Is it possible to receive task reminders through SMS texts on my mobile phone?
How do I remind a party to respond to an e-sign request?
If I save documents in the Files tab rather than the Google Drive option, where does it go?
When logging calls, is it the time you log the call that is notated or the time of the actual call?
How do I create activity categories?
Can I preview uploaded files without having to download and open them?
Can I access all files on a firm-wide basis instead of just the files associated with a particular matter?
What is the best way to ensure I'm notified when an invoice is satisfied?
Can I see my calendar availability while adding a meeting under a contact?
Can I schedule an appointment directly from the contact?
How can I attach the opposing party's name to a lead to easily identify a conflict of interest?
Can I automate an e-mail reminder to go out days before a scheduled appointment?
Can I edit an event in the mobile app?
Can I view my calendar on the mobile app?
What do you use for eSigns?
Can I assign multiple roles to the related contact of a matter?
Can I pause my Lawcus trial period till I'm ready?
Is there a size limit on files that can be uploaded on Lawcus?
Can I send an appointment scheduler link to a client on behalf of another user?
Does a resync of Quickbooks data have any effect on Lawcus setup?
How to copy intake forms or workflow automation from one organization to another?
Do you do product demonstrations?
How can you embed Youtube video in forms?
How do you check all the transactions in Lawcus accounts?
How do I cancel a eSignature request after sending it out?
Is there a reason why contact info isn't showing on the left side of matter information?
Is it possible to extend my Lawcus trial?
Is there a confirmation pop-up when deleting items?
Is there a way to organize contacts by created date?
Where do e-signed documents go, and how can we access them?
How do I export a matter report with custom field information?
Which web browser is recommended for running Lawcus?
Is there a way to add two spouses as clients to a single matter?

Will it be an issue to cancel a user's subscription before we bill for his/her uninvoiced time?
How to Set Up Payment Plans on Lawcus?
How to Show Outstanding Balances on a Client Invoice?
What's the difference between "use matter operating balance" and applying a balance?
Understanding Invoice Themes in Lawcus
Is there an option to add non-billable expenses?
Adding Interest to Unpaid Invoices in Lawcus
Is there a way to export all expenses?
How to Exclude Expenses from Client Invoices in Lawcus?
Can I add Zelle invoice payments on Lawcus?
Can I remove any undesirable category on invoices?
Does Lawpay support a payment link that accepts both e-checks and credit card payments?
Can I revise or edit a generated invoice?
Deleting and Regenerating Invoices without Affecting Matter's Time Entries
How can I add tax to all invoices in bulk rather than individually?
Troubleshooting: Unable to Access Financial Information Section for Invoice Creation in Matters
How to Filter Uninvoiced Time Entries in Lawcus?
Is Lawcus subscription inclusive of Calendly access?
Can I run billables for last month while excluding those from the current month?
Where do I add an online payment link for invoices?
How to Override a Client Payment in Lawcus?
Is the retainer balance different from the trust balance?
Is it possible to Clear and Redo an Invoice in Lawcus?
Do the invoices generated include clickable payment links?
Will LawPay client payments show up automatically on Lawcus or not?
How to Manage Payments in Lawcus
Can users be on different pricing plans?
Who determines the billing interval for user accounts?
How to Ensure You're Not Paying for a User Who is No Longer Listed on Your Account?
Am I charged for a new license immediately after I send out a user invitation?
Are subscription cancellations effective immediately or extend till the end of the period paid for?
Can a client directly make partial online payments after receiving an invoice?
Accepting Online Payments with Lawcus.
Can I set up automated draft invoice payments for my clients?
What is the font used in invoices?
Can I place my firm letterhead on an invoice?
What do I do when the application of available funds to an invoice isn't reflecting?
Can I Issue a Credit to a Client for an Overpaid Expense in Lawcus?
If I make a user account inactive, will Lawcus stop charging me for it immediately?
If I cancel my subscription with Lawcus completely, is there a way to export my data?
Is there a feature for marking certain activities as unbillable?
Is There an Option to Write Off an Invoice?
Is there a way to change the name format on invoices exclusively?
Is there a way to remove the hourly rate from the invoice so that it does not appear in each time entry?
Is there any difference between a credit request and a trust request?
Where do I find invoice payment links for clients?
Can I put two billing addresses or contacts on an invoice?
Is there a limit to features that can be tested in the trial period?
What can I do if I can't download a trust request but need a fast alternative?
If I sign up for a month just to test out Lawcus, am I locked in?
Is it possible to convert an existing user profile into a new one when we have a new hire?
Understanding Invoicing Terms in Lawcus for Accurate Financial Reporting
Can I Consolidate Two Matters into One Invoice for Client Convenience on Lawcus?
Why is there an additional charge for more eSignature requests on Lawcus?
Is there an option to send an invoice or request trust funds from mobile app?
Is the LawPay usage fee included in the Lawcus subscription?

Troubleshooting Guide: "App is Blocked" Error when Connecting Lawcus with Google
Should we be using the "Lawcus" or the "Lawcus 1.17.1" on Zapier?
How to embed intake forms on the website
What do I do when there's a glitch with Box integration?
Do QuickBooks updates automatically reflect in Lawcus?
Is there a way to automatically create a Zoom appointment through the appointment scheduler?
The events added on my Google/Outlook calendar don't show up in Lawcus.
How does calendar sync from Lawcus Scheduler work?
What email address will Lawcus use to send emails if I don't integrate any email accounts with my Lawcus profile?
Why aren't OneDrive folders created for some matters?
Is LawPay integration the only way to accept online credit card payments from clients?
If I want to create a lead in Zapier, do I select "create person" or "create matter" as the action?
Can I change the American date format that appears when linking date custom fields in Zapier?
Does Lawcus have an API I can use to integrate with other third-party tools?
Is Lawcus directly integrated with Stripe?
Is the integration with Google apps one-way or two-way?
Do events deleted on Google Calendar automatically delete on Lawcus Calendar?
Can I prevent the automatic creation of Google Drive folders for leads or potential matters?
Can I preserve files for closed matters in the Lawcus folder on Google Drive?
Are custom fields supported in the 'Search Contact' result in Zapier?
What does 'token name' stand for in Zapier integration?
Can I integrate Calendly with Lawcus?
Where do synced emails appear after email syncing?
Do you have Headnote integration?
How to Download the Outlook/Gmail Add-on for Email Log Syncing with Lawcus Account?
How to Resolve the "Error Unauthorized" Response When Integrating Lawcus with a Site?
How to Automatically Create a Gmail Folder for a Google Contact?
While shifting email hosting to Gmail, what to do to ensure all of the matters create labels in Gmail for the matter?

Can task tags be assigned when adding a task through a workflow?
Creating Recurring Tasks through Workflows
Is there a way to stop a lead from progressing in a workflow?
How to automate lead movement from one stage to another?
How to Add a Custom Email Address in the Recipient Field for Email Automation?
Is it possible to use automation to convert a lead to a matter?
Optimizing Workflow Exit Rules for Seamless Process.
Can I use matter name in automated emails instead of client name?
Can the automated SMS sent to clients have a clickable button that has a URL?
Will future emails on an assigned workflow still go out for a closed matter?
Can I bulk-email leads filtered based on practice area and tags?
Can I set up a Zap which pulls data from custom fields in a lead?
Can I send automated emails with matter custom fields when a lead moves stages?
Is there a way to add invoice amounts in a document, for example, using merge fields?
Can I create merge fields for my evergreen retainer amount?
Can I use automation to send a client an appointment scheduling SMS/email?
How to create an email signature with icons that has links?
If I use automation for sending emails, will it automatically use the email account integrated with Lawcus?
How to add a description to the intake form?
Can I use the merge field to include related contact name in a workflow?
Which email address is used by a workflow to send out automated emails?
How does SMS text work in workflow?
When creating a task via workflow, what does the Name field correspond to within tasks?
Is there a way to test automation?
Can I use LawPay payment as a trigger for workflow automation?
Can I automate the inclusion of date and time in an SMS through a workflow?
Can I set up a workflow to move matters to the next stage once an invoice balance has been paid?
How do I include a link to the scheduler in a workflow automation?
How can I request related contact addresses in document automation?
How do I trigger a workflow based on the completion of a specific task?

How to Find Completed Intake Forms in Lawcus?
What do I do if some characters are getting cut off from the SMS received by our clients?
Deleting a Lead: Impact on Linked Contact and Matter
Associating Additional Related Contacts with Matters or Leads in Lawcus
How to check the lead creation date?
Can I remove the firm logo on an intake form before sending it?
What do I do if data input to the "relationship type" field in related contact isn't saving?
How to Add a Middle Name Field to Client Information and Related Contact Info Blocks in Intake Forms?
Why are manual questionnaires sending out through a different email address?
Can I drop in a contact information question in intake form that will create a company contact once filled?
Can I get a lead's intake form information to their lead file before it is associated with a matter?
Which email address is used to send out automated emails If I don't integrate any?
Can I edit or change the response type on intake form questions?
Can my clients include other additional information in intake forms asides from contact?
Can I change the status of an intake form from 'completed' to 'in progress'?
Can My Client Edit an Intake Form After Submission?
Can I pull the email of the lead from the Contact list?
Is related contact to lead supposed to show up in the Contacts list but not lead itself?
Isn't new leads supposed to show up on the Contacts list once added?
Can I have contact custom fields appear by default in the new lead intake form?
Can an email sent via Lawcus be retracted?
Can I send a mass email to all contacts?
How to Attach Intake Form Info to an Existing Lead?
What do I do when my intake form is not mapping or creating a new lead?
Is it possible to shorten the length of the intake form URL?
Can I assign a lead to an existing matter?
How to Generate a Lead Conversion Report in Lawcus?
Can we remove "Estimated Matter Value" from the lead intake form?
Can I Merge a Lead and a Contact for Questionnaire Tracking?
Is there a way to export intake form data via CSV for use elsewhere?