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How do you check all the transactions in Lawcus accounts?
How do you check all the transactions in Lawcus accounts?

Effortless Accounting with Lawcus: Managing Account Transactions

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Managing accounting in the legal profession is critical to ensuring financial transparency and compliance. In this article, we'll explore how Lawcus simplifies account management by transaction tracking and reporting, allowing legal professionals to focus on their core tasks.

  1. Go to the "Accounts" section in the left-hand sidebar.

ย 2. Within the "Accounts" section, choose the account for which you want to see the transactions.
Click to open the account, and it will have all the transactions made in Lawcus.

Note: Lawcus is not connected to your bank directly. Lawcus acts as a bookkeeping software.
Lawcus only stores transactions that are made on Lawcus or using the Lawpay/Confido Legal integration. Any transaction happening outside of Lawcus needs to be manually added.

This streamlines financial tasks, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Legal professionals can efficiently manage accounts, freeing up time for exceptional legal services.


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