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How to mark an invoice as paid in Lawcus?
How to mark an invoice as paid in Lawcus?

Efficiently mark invoices as paid in Lawcus for accurate accounting records. Keep transactions organized.

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To ensure accurate and organized accounting records, it's crucial to mark invoices as paid in Lawcus, especially when the payment was received without automated payment links.

Follow the steps below to mark an invoice as paid:

  1. Navigate to the "Invoices" tab, locate the specific invoice you want to mark as paid and click on it to open the detailed view.

  2. Look for the "More actions" button. Choose "Mark invoice as paid" from the dropdown options.

    By following these steps, you can easily mark an invoice as paid in Lawcus, regardless of whether the payment was made through an automated link or not. This will help you maintain accurate records of your financial transactions and ensure that your accounting remains organized.

    Note: It's important to promptly update the payment status of invoices to avoid confusion and keep your financial records current.

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