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Adding Payments to an Invoice in Lawcus
Adding Payments to an Invoice in Lawcus

Effortlessly add payments to invoices in Lawcus - Streamline billing and track transactions.

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In Lawcus, you can effortlessly add payments to your invoices, providing you with a streamlined billing process and efficient management of client payments. This article will guide you through the simple steps to add payments to an invoice, whether it's recording direct client payments or utilizing available balances in trust or operating accounts.

To add payments on an invoice:

1. Access the Invoices section in Lawcus to view and manage your invoices.


2. Hover over the invoice, and a pop-up menu will appear with various options. Click "Record Payment" from the pop-up menu to record the payment for the selected invoice.

3. Select the appropriate payment source based on your requirements, such as direct client payments or balances from a trust or operating accounts.


4. Choose the payment source you want to use for recording the payment, such as direct client payments or available balances from a trust or operating account.


5. Choose the destination account where you want to allocate the payment, such as your trust or operating account within Lawcus.


6. Finalize and record the payment against the selected invoice by clicking the "Add Payment" button.


By following these straightforward steps, you can easily add payments to your invoices in Lawcus. Whether you're recording direct payments from clients or utilizing available balances from the trust or operating accounts, Lawcus offers the flexibility and functionality to streamline your billing process. With the ability to track and reconcile payments within the platform, Lawcus empowers you to manage your invoicing and maintain accurate financial records efficiently.

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