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Invoicing & Subscription
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Will it be an issue to cancel a user's subscription before we bill for his/her uninvoiced time?
How to Set Up Payment Plans on Lawcus?
How to Show Outstanding Balances on a Client Invoice?
What's the difference between "use matter operating balance" and applying a balance?
Understanding Invoice Themes in Lawcus
Is there an option to add non-billable expenses?
Adding Interest to Unpaid Invoices in Lawcus
Is there a way to export all expenses?
How to Exclude Expenses from Client Invoices in Lawcus?
Can I add Zelle invoice payments on Lawcus?
Can I remove any undesirable category on invoices?
Does Lawpay support a payment link that accepts both e-checks and credit card payments?
Can I revise or edit a generated invoice?
Deleting and Regenerating Invoices without Affecting Matter's Time Entries
How can I add tax to all invoices in bulk rather than individually?
Troubleshooting: Unable to Access Financial Information Section for Invoice Creation in Matters
How to Filter Uninvoiced Time Entries in Lawcus?
Is Lawcus subscription inclusive of Calendly access?
Can I run billables for last month while excluding those from the current month?
Where do I add an online payment link for invoices?
How to Override a Client Payment in Lawcus?
Is the retainer balance different from the trust balance?
Is it possible to Clear and Redo an Invoice in Lawcus?
Do the invoices generated include clickable payment links?
Will LawPay client payments show up automatically on Lawcus or not?
How to Manage Payments in Lawcus
Can users be on different pricing plans?
Who determines the billing interval for user accounts?
How to Ensure You're Not Paying for a User Who is No Longer Listed on Your Account?
Am I charged for a new license immediately after I send out a user invitation?
Are subscription cancellations effective immediately or extend till the end of the period paid for?
Can a client directly make partial online payments after receiving an invoice?
Accepting Online Payments with Lawcus.
Can I set up automated draft invoice payments for my clients?
What is the font used in invoices?
Can I place my firm letterhead on an invoice?
What do I do when the application of available funds to an invoice isn't reflecting?
Can I Issue a Credit to a Client for an Overpaid Expense in Lawcus?
If I make a user account inactive, will Lawcus stop charging me for it immediately?
If I cancel my subscription with Lawcus completely, is there a way to export my data?
Is there a feature for marking certain activities as unbillable?
Is There an Option to Write Off an Invoice?
Is there a way to change the name format on invoices exclusively?
Is there a way to remove the hourly rate from the invoice so that it does not appear in each time entry?
Is there any difference between a credit request and a trust request?
Where do I find invoice payment links for clients?
Can I put two billing addresses or contacts on an invoice?
Is there a limit to features that can be tested in the trial period?
What can I do if I can't download a trust request but need a fast alternative?
If I sign up for a month just to test out Lawcus, am I locked in?
Is it possible to convert an existing user profile into a new one when we have a new hire?
Understanding Invoicing Terms in Lawcus for Accurate Financial Reporting
Can I Consolidate Two Matters into One Invoice for Client Convenience on Lawcus?
Why is there an additional charge for more eSignature requests on Lawcus?
Is there an option to send an invoice or request trust funds from mobile app?
Is the LawPay usage fee included in the Lawcus subscription?