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How to Track Invoice Reminders Sent to Clients in Lawcus?
How to Track Invoice Reminders Sent to Clients in Lawcus?

Easily track invoice reminders sent in Lawcus. Set up reminders in Firm Settings, check the sent folder, and ensure timely delivery.

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In Lawcus, managing your invoicing process and ensuring timely payment reminders to clients is crucial. To track whether an invoice reminder was sent successfully, follow these steps:

Set up Invoice Reminders:

  • Click on your avatar icon and go to "Firm Settings".

  • Select "Reminders".

  • Click on "Add Reminder" under "Invoice reminders".

  • Configure your preferences, such as the timeline, subject, sender email, and message.

  • Click "Add Reminder" to complete the process.

Check the Sent Folder:

  • To confirm the delivery of a reminder email, check the sent folder of your email account.

  • You can also find it under the Inbox tab in the left sidebar menu, where sent emails are located.

Note: Lawcus relies on proper email account configuration for sending invoice reminders. If you encounter any issues, verify your email settings and consult your email provider's support resources if needed.

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