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How to Set Up Automated Invoice Reminders with Lawcus?
How to Set Up Automated Invoice Reminders with Lawcus?

Automate invoice reminders with Lawcus. Follow these steps for quick and easy setup to keep clients on top of outstanding payments.

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Occasionally, clients may unintentionally overlook invoice payments, resulting in delayed payments. However, with our efficient invoice reminder functionality, you can effortlessly prompt them to settle their outstanding balances. By automating email reminders, you can gently nudge clients to ensure timely invoice payments.

Note: Reminders are exclusively sent for invoices marked as "SENT" or "PARTIALLY PAID."

To set up invoice reminder:

  1. Click on your avatar icon and select Settings.

  2. Open Firm Settings and click Reminders.

  3. Go to Invoice Reminders and click Add Reminder.

  4. Choose date offset and type.

  5. Enter reminder text.

  6. Click Save.

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