Just as you can have a dossier on a matter in the real world, Lawcus allows you to maintain all details of a particular matter in one place.

To view the details of a Matter:

  1. Click on Matters in the sidebar menu to open the Matters screen.

  2. Click on the Matter Card in the Pipeline view. Lawcus displays the Matter Details screen.

    Note: In the List view, click on the name of a Matter to view its details.


A. This area contains the name of the matter and the edit icon to make changes to the entry.


You can also mark a matter as starred (by clicking on the star). When you mark a matter as starred, it will appear at the top of the Favorite matters list in the sidebar at the left.


B. Access the various tabs of the Matter Details screen.

  • Info: View details of the matter.

  • Tasks: View tasks associated with this matter.

  • Files: View files received from or sent to the client.

  • Calendar: View details of meetings with the client.

  • Time: View details of time spent on the matter.

  • Expenses: View details of expenses related to the matter.

  • Flat Fees: View details of flat fees charged, if any, for the matter.

  • Invoices: View the list of invoices related to the matter.

  • Transactions: View other transactions related to the matter, such as Deposit entries.

C. Details of the matter, estimated matter value, and the names of the originating and responsible attorneys, etc.


D. Details of all the activities or interactions you've had with the client.


E. Use this area to add:

  • Add Notes about the matter or client

  • Add notes about a Meeting

  • Add a record of a Fact

  • Add details of an issue related the client or matter

  • Add a Phone log entry

  • Add an Email log entry


F. Set the visibility of the matter.


G. Close the Matter Details screen and return to the previous screen.

H. Quick Actions panel.


Use the Quick Actions panel to quickly perform the following actions with this matter entry:

  • Make changes to the matter entry

  • Change the visibility of the entry

  • Mark the matter as closed

  • Delete the matter entry

  • Add details of time spent on the matter, or keep track of time spent on some activity.

  • Add details of a matter-related expense

  • Add details of any flat fee charged

  • Send intake

  • Apply workflow

I. Financial information.

This panel contains a summary of the matter-related financial information including the estimated matter value, outstanding balances, and uninvoiced amounts. You can also directly create an invoice, and request funds from this panel.


J. Finally, at the bottom right corner of the Matter Details screen, you have the Client and Contacts panel.


Here, you can view the name of the client as well as the names of the billing contact and relatives of the client, if these details have been entered into the system.

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