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How to Set a Custom Field as Default in Lawcus?
How to Set a Custom Field as Default in Lawcus?

Streamline data entry: Set custom fields as default in Lawcus.

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Efficiently manage your workflow in Lawcus by setting up default custom fields. This ensures consistency and saves you time when creating new records.

Follow these steps to establish a default custom field:

  1. Click your user avatar in the upper-right corner and choose "Settings" from the drop-down menu.

  2. Inside the “Firm Settings” menu, find and select "Custom Fields" from the left navigation panel. This takes you to the Custom Fields management page.

  3. On the Custom Fields page, locate and click "Add." A dialog box will appear where you can enter your desired custom field Name.

  4. Select the appropriate field type from the available options. This ensures your custom field captures the right type of information.

  5. To make this custom field your default option, check the "Default" box.

  6. Once you've configured the field name, type, and default status, click "Update Custom Field." This action saves your settings.

Following these steps will streamline your record creation process in Lawcus. Setting default custom fields is a valuable feature that enhances your workflow by reducing manual data input and standardizing your data collection practices.

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