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How to Check Workflow History in Lawcus?
How to Check Workflow History in Lawcus?

Learn how to track workflow history in Lawcus for analysis and optimization.

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Lawcus provides a comprehensive workflow history feature that allows users to track and analyze the progress of their automation processes. By accessing the workflow history, you can gain insights into completed and unsuccessful workflow activities, enabling you to identify areas for improvement and leverage successful automation processes.

Follow the steps below to check your workflow history:

  1. Access Automation from the side-bar menu.

  2. Go to Workflows.

  3. Select the desired workflow.

  4. Click on History to view the workflow log.

By following these steps, you can easily check the workflow history for any of your Lawcus automation processes. This feature empowers you to monitor the performance of your workflows, identify any issues, and make informed decisions to optimize your automation efforts.

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