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How to Generate a General Client Ledger Report?
How to Generate a General Client Ledger Report?

Learn how to easily generate comprehensive client ledger reports in Lawcus, monitoring your firm's financial health.

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The General Client Ledger Report provides your law firm with a detailed overview of transactions that occur in your firm's operating account. This report is organized alphabetically by client name and includes information such as incoming and outgoing payments, transfers, and the cumulative balance of payments made by each client.

It is essential for monitoring the financial health of your legal business by summarizing day-to-day activities in the operating account over a specified period.

You can customize the report by applying various filters to refine the information displayed:

Select Client

Highlight the trust balance exclusively for the chosen client. This filter allows you to focus on the specific client's trust account and gain a clear understanding of their financial position.

Select Matter

Narrow down the report to a specific matter of interest. This filter enables you to analyze the trust transactions associated with a particular case, ensuring you have detailed insights into its financial activity.

Select Practice Area

Limit the trust balance summaries to clients with matters within the designated area. This filter lets you focus on clients in specific legal domains, providing targeted information on their trust account balances.

Group Results By

Organize the trust balance summaries based on your preferred grouping criteria. This feature allows you to group the data by clients, matters, or any other relevant category, enabling a comprehensive analysis and comparison of trust balances.

Date Range

Restrict the report data to trust transactions that occurred within the selected period. By specifying a date range, you can focus on recent trust activity, track changes over time, and monitor the financial trends of your clients and matters.

Navigating to the General Client Ledger Reporting Interface

To navigate to the general client ledger reporting interface:

  1. From anywhere on Lawcus, click Dashboard on the side-menu.

  2. Select Reports.

  3. Choose the "General Client Ledger" report.

Filtering General Client Ledger Report Data

To filter general client ledger report data:

  1. Click the Filter button.

  2. Choose the specific metrics you want to use as filters to display relevant details in the report.

  3. After applying the filters, close the window to proceed.

Generating a General Client Ledger Report in PDF Format

To generate a general client ledger report in PDF format:

  1. Click the Download PDF button.

  2. Select "Save File" and then click "Ok."

  3. Open the downloaded report using any preferred software capable of viewing PDF files.

Compiling a General Client Ledger Report in CSV Format

To compile a general client ledger report in CSV format:

  1. Click the Download CSV button.

  2. Choose "Save File" and then click "Ok."

  3. Open the report using any spreadsheet software capable of reading CSV files.

    By following these steps, you can generate and customize a General Client Ledger Report according to your law firm's requirements. This report will provide valuable insights into your financial transactions and help you monitor the financial well-being of your legal business.

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