You can re-orient your legal website into a powerful funneling tool that captures and forwards prospect (or lead) information directly into your Lawcus account for your WordPress-powered website.

You can prepare and expedite your client intake and CRM processes with this connection to attract more clients and get them interested in your professional services right away (or first contact).

Note: The Lawcus plugin is in the beta stage and isn't live on the WordPress store yet. You'd have to contact us so we can share the plugin ZIP file with you.

Integrating Lawcus with WordPress

To integrate your account with your WordPress backend:

  1. From your WordPress backend, hover on Plugin and tap Add New

  2. Click Upload Plugin, then tap Browse to scan for and select the downloaded Lawcus plugin file on your computer

  3. Click Install Now, then tap the Activate Plugin button in the next window

  4. Head back to Lawcus and navigate to Api Tokens under Settings

  5. Select WordPress from the Api dropdown, enter a token name and click Add to generate a token.

  6. Copy the token and return to Installed Plugins page on WordPress

  7. Locate Lawcus from the list and tap Settings beneath it

  8. Paste the copied token generated from Lawcus in the Authorization Token field, the click Save Settings

    Note: The WordPress backend used here is for a self-hosted website so, some steps may differ if WPEngine hosts your website. Additionally, plugins are only available on WordPress if you are self-hosting or on the Business plan.

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