When a prospect schedules an appointment to discuss the possibility of engaging your law firm on a legal project, such prospect can be automatically added as a new lead.

By adding such prospect as a new lead, you can start to nurture the lead by sending newsletters, resources, among other subtle marketing contents irrespective of whether or not the call eventually takes place.

To set up a workflow action triggered by the scheduling of an appointment:

1. Navigate to the Automation menu located on the left side


2. Tap the + button to create a new workflow


3. Navigate to the right side to provide a name and description for the workflow


4. Choose the trigger type. In this case, the trigger would be New Scheduler Appointment


5. Specify whether the workflow action should apply to all scheduling pages or a specific teammate’s schedule page. If you choose a specific teammate scheduling page option like we did here, you’ll have to choose the teammate and their schedule page. Whichever you go for, tap Continue.


6. In the next action, choose Create Lead as the new action and click Next


7. Setup the action by entering data in fields, or where possible, instructing the automation tool to grab relevant data from the details present in the appointment scheduler trigger.


8. You can also designate an email to go straight to a newly-created lead. To do that, select Send Email as the new action and tap Next


9. Enter details of the email and tap Save to bring the automation workflow to a wrap or tap Continue + new action to add more actions


Note: You can add as much workflow actions as you want

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