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How to add Retainers in Trust Account
How to add Retainers in Trust Account

Seamlessly manage retainer payments in Lawcus

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In Lawcus, efficient management of trust accounts is crucial for legal professionals. Adding retainers ensures transparent financial transactions and streamlined client interactions.

On Lawcus, there are two ways to add retainers to the trust account-
1. Direct deposit in Trust Account
2. Using Trust Request to take retainer payments

Direct Deposit in Trust Account

1. Go to the Accounts section from the left main menu.

2. Identify and choose the specific trust account to which you want to add a retainer.

3. Click on the Deposit button.

4. Fill in the required information for the retainer, including the client's name, matter name, retainer amount, and description.

5. Click on the Save button to record the deposit on Lawcus.

Using Trust Request to take retainer payments

1. Navigate to the Invoices tab.

2. Locate and click on the Trust Request button.


3. Choose the client from whom you wish to request trust funds. Additionally, if the trust request is related to a specific matter, select the relevant matter from the options provided. This step ensures that the funds are associated with the appropriate client and case.


4. Specify the amount of funds you request from the client in the designated field. Optionally, you can include a brief note for the client's reference, providing any relevant details or context about the request.


5. Confirm all entries and click the Create button to generate the trust request.


This will create a Trust Invoice, which can then be sent to the client for payment.
Clients can make online payments incase Lawpay/Confido Legal is integrated with Lawcus.

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