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How to add trust funds to invoices?
How to add trust funds to invoices?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Trust Funds to Invoices in Lawcus.

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On Lawcus, invoice payments can be made directly by clients when Lawpay/Confido integration is set up. However, you can use the previously requested trust funds or credit balance to make invoice payments after creating an invoice.

This article will cover how to use trust funds to make invoice payments.

To add trust funds to invoices:

  1. Please Click on Invoices and open the Invoice you want trust funds on.

2. Edit the invoice and select the option Use client trust balance/Use matter trust balance.

This way, the funds in the matter trust account will be used on this invoice and will be transferred to the operating account.

Matter trust balance - This is the trust balance on individual matters.
Client trust balance - This is the balance that belongs to the client and can be used on any invoices the client has for different matters.

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