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Streamline Your Workflow with Lawcus: Enhanced Google Drive Integration
Streamline Your Workflow with Lawcus: Enhanced Google Drive Integration

Efficiently manage files: Lawcus' seamless Google Drive integration simplifies file organization and access.

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Lawcus provides seamless integration with Google Drive, enabling you to manage your files and documents within the Lawcus platform effortlessly. With this integration, you can easily drag and drop files from your computer directly into Lawcus, ensuring that they are automatically synced to your Google Drive account. Additionally, you can create and view files and folders in Lawcus just as you would in the Google Drive app, eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

Setting up the Google Drive integration in Lawcus is quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Click on your profile avatar located in the top right corner of the Lawcus interface. Select "Settings" from the dropdown menu, and then click on "Apps & Integrations."

  • Choose "Files Integration" from the available options.

  • Toggle the button to enable the Google Drive integration.

  • Enter your Google credentials when prompted.

Once the integration is complete, Lawcus will create a dedicated tab on the matter details screen, prominently displaying the familiar Google Drive logo. You can effortlessly upload new documents from this tab or conveniently access existing documents related to a specific matter. Lawcus automatically organizes your documents by creating a dedicated folder for each matter in your Google Drive account, using the Matter Number as the folder name.

With Lawcus' Google Drive integration, managing your files and documents becomes a breeze, providing you with a seamless experience and ensuring all your important information is easily accessible and securely stored within the platform.

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