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How to configure the 'Send SMS' action
How to configure the 'Send SMS' action

This article guides Lawcus users on how to set up the 'Send SMS' action, including recipient and message customization options.

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To configure the 'Send SMS' action in Lawcus, follow these guidelines to set up the necessary template fields. Fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory.

In the following example, the Send SMS action is triggered when a matter is moved to a new stage.


Recipient: Enter a valid phone number along with the area code and country code (if applicable) for the message recipient. Alternatively, use a custom value from the trigger or a previous step.

Use a Custom Value (advanced): By selecting this option, you can choose recipient values from the trigger record or from the record referenced by the previous step (if this is not the first step).


Add Recipient: Click this link to add a recipient field if the message requires multiple recipients.


Message: Enter the content of the text message. To personalize the message, click the "Plus" icon to insert a value from the trigger record or from the record referenced by the previous step.

For instance, you can insert the client's name at the beginning of the message (as shown below) by clicking the insert icon at the relevant point.


Note: The maximum message length is 160 characters.

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