To automate the creation of a new matter, use the following guidelines to set up the template fields. Any fields denoted with a red asterisk require a value.

In our example, the Create Matter action is executed once a new client is created (trigger).


Depending on the field in an action template, there are several options available to select a value. If a field contains the + icon, you can type a value in the field or choose from one of the options explained below.

Use Client value from trigger

This option is available on the following Create Matter action fields: Name*, Description, Open Date, Color Code, and Rate.


Click the down arrow next to Use Client value from trigger to open a list of available field values pulled from the trigger. Only fields applicable to the current field type will display. In our example, the client field values that can be used in the Name field are listed. Click a field label to select it.

Dropdown list

Some fields contain a down arrow indicating a value must be selected from a list of options. The list contains values that currently exist in your database. In the Create Matter action, the following fields contain the dropdown list option: Client, Workflow*, Stage*, Practice Area, Billing Type*, Originating Attorney, and Responsible Attorney.

In the Client field example below, existing client names will display. Use the scroll bar to move through the list to locate the desired value.


Use a Custom Value (advanced)

The Use a Custom Value option enables you to pull value options from other fields related to the trigger or previous steps in the workflow. In the example below, a value can be pulled from the trigger (Client Created). Click the Client ID option to select it.


Date fields

Three methods are available to populate date fields.

Method 1: Date fields can be populated with values from other date fields in related records. In the example below, you can populate the date field with the value in the Creation Date field from the trigger, Client Created. Just click the + icon and then click on the Creation date option.


Method 2: Click anywhere on the Open Date field to open a calendar and select a date. The calendar will display the current month with the current date selected. Use the scroll bar to the right of the calendar to move up or down to display a different month, if necessary. Click the date to select it and then click Done.


Method 3: Click the box next to Based on another date for more date selection options. You can define a date to occur before or after a specific number of business or calendar days.


Click the down arrow next to After/Before to toggle between the two options.

Click on the Task due field to select a value for the number of days.

Click the down arrow next to Business days/Calendar days to toggle between the two options.

Click the Done button to save your changes. If you need to delete a date previously selected, click the Remove button. Click Cancel to abandon any changes made.

In the example below, the Open Date has been set to occur 1 calendar day before the trigger date.

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