With Lawcus’s direct integration with Hellosign, you can prepare legal documents and send the same out to a client or on behalf of your client to anyone, requesting for and collecting the latter’s signature.

What’s more, there’s no cap on how many signers you can send the ensign request to. Just click to add as many signers as the document requires.

To send an eSignature request:

1. Go to the Matters tab

2. Click a choiced matter

3. Navigate to the Quick Actions interface and click Send eSignature request

4. Choose a source for the document that needs an eSignature

5. Select the document

6. Edit the email contents, if you want

7. Continue clicking the Add signer button till the number of signers is met

8. Fill in the signers’ details, especially the email address, and then click Send

Note: You do not need a HelloSign account in order to access the document or complete a signature request. (See Signing a HelloSign Document for more details on how the e-signing is done.)

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