No professional understands the importance of signed documents more than attorneys. It comes in handy for establishing proof of a person's certification of the content in the documents attorneys work with.

And rather than always preparing documents for signature every single time, you can leverage eSign templates to convert frequently-used legal documents into readily-built templates that can be deployed on the go with minimal or no formatting effort at all.

Creating a reusable electronic-sign doc template

To create a drag-and-drop eSign document template:

  1. Click Automation on the side-bar menu

  2. Tap eSign Templates

  3. Click New template

  4. Enter a template name and add the document that needs a signature

  5. Review the signature request email subject and message, if you want

  6. Add signer roles (and a CCed recipient, if you desire)

  7. Select all relevant merge tags for the template, then click Prepare

  8. Add relevant fields by dragging-and-dropping and matching them to previously-selected merge tags.
    NOTE - Select sender from the signers to use the Textbox field to add merge fields.

  9. Drag-and-drop signature and initials fields for all previously-created signer roles

  10. Click Continue to save and close the dialog.

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