Creating paperwork for your clients need not be arduous, as having to fill the blanks manually every time. With document automation, you can hit the ground running with custom-built document templates that auto-populate where necessary and take away the stress of manual data entry.

Note: You need legal paperwork containing client or matter data as a base for this process. So, prepare one or check your archive for paperworks you’ve sent to clients in the past.

To create a document template:

1. Locate the past legal document for which you want to create an automated document template and open it up in your word processing software

2. Click the user avatar and tap Settings

3. Go to the Firm Settings section and click Document Templates

4. Navigate to Merge Fields and copy the merge fields you need

Note: You can also enter keywords in the filter merge field to ease the location of desired merge fields

6. Copy desired merge fields and use them to replace client/matter data in the prepared document in Step 1. Save when completed

7. Navigate back to the document template interface on Lawcus and click Add to upload the saved document template

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