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How to generate a document from a template
How to generate a document from a template
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Document templates exist for the sole purpose of saving you the stress of manual data entry involving tweaking, deleting, and entering data whenever you have cause to send out a document to a client.

Now that you’ve created a document template, how do you put it to use when the need for it arises?

To generate a document from template:

1. Go to the Matters side-menu

2. Click on the client’s matter

3. Tap the clip-like attachment icon and hit Document from template

4. Click the empty field to choose your template from the dropdown

5. Click the Create a document from template button

6. The appropriately-filled document should be on its way to the recipient and appear in the matter info section where you tap to save it

Note: For more on document template and automation, check out this helpful video

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