When it’s time to bill for your services, every law firm should be able to impress their clients with professional, on-brand invoices. Lawcus empowers its users with plenty of tools to customize their invoices to suit just about anything their minds can conceive, design-wise.

Invoices you’ve satisfactorily customized to your taste can be saved as templates for subsequent invoicing processes, streamlining your administrative time so you can generate elegant-looking invoices with one click and get back to running your firm.

In this article, we give you a breakdown of creating custom invoice templates:

⦁ Navigating to Invoice Templates Setting

⦁ Theme Settings

⦁ Default due date

⦁ Billed to

⦁ Company information

⦁ Flat fees

⦁ Time entries

⦁ Expenses

⦁ Other info

⦁ Default terms and note

⦁ Outstanding invoices

⦁ Payments summary

⦁ Requests invoice settings

Navigating to Invoice Templates Setting

1. Click user avatar on top-right and click Settings

2. Navigate to and click Bill Settings then, click Invoice Templates

3. Click Add template to kickstart the custom invoice template creation process

Theme Settings

Invoice Theme

Start by checking out each of the invoice themes to see the one whose appearance suits your taste. The Pro theme looks professional and elegant, so it’ll be our choice.

Theme Color

Choose a theme or accent color that looks good and complements your law firm logo or branding color. If none are readily available, you can always google search number codes for more suitable colors

Default due date

Enter the default length of period within which a client has to pay the full amount on an invoice before the invoice becomes overdue

Billed to

Under here, you can remove or edit the text labels on your invoice from Billed To, to Matter, Invoice Number, Issued Date, and Due Date.

Company information

Define what aspect of your law firm details appears on the invoice and what doesn't by checking or unchecking checkboxes where relevant. Every checkbox is checked by default

You can now add your custom company logo, address, and currency on each invoice template. This will help you in case you have multiple office locations and thus using invoice templates you can bill your clients accordingly.

How to setup different currency on invoice templates

How to setup custom logo for invoice templates

How to setup custom address part for invoice templates

Flat fees

You can edit and remove labels in the flat fees section stripping it of what you don't want to show and retaining necessary details. Checking the Show user column checkbox gives you an option to include the team member that offered the services being invoiced for.

Time entries

In the time entries section, you can make changes to summaries about the total hours within which the billed legal services were performed. Asides from changing label texts, you can choose or not choose to display total hours, time entry descriptions, hourly rates, and more.


Asides from being able to check the Show user column checkbox to include the name of the team member that offered the services being invoiced for here, you can edit all the labels or even delete the whole section.

Other info

The Other Info section is the place on your invoice where you can choose to display and edit other particulars about the invoice such as discount, taxes, total amount due, and many other

Default terms and note

Should you want to add terms or conditions or relevant notes on your invoice, this section is where you can do all those. They are disabled by default, so they only appear when you’ve entered the content

Outstanding invoices

This section in the invoice footer details past invoice amounts that are past their due date and which the client is yet to pay. Edit any of the labels or check the respective checkbox for labels you want to appear and whatnot

Payments summary

By default, this section is enabled to summarise the amount due for the current invoice. If it doesn't serve your purpose, you can very much uncheck the box

Requests invoice settings

Make changes to credit and trust request labels on your invoice in this section, in addition to the date and description labels. Better still, you are empowered to completely disable some or all of these labels being displayed.

Naming your template

Input your choiced name for the custom invoice template

Saving your newly created invoice template

Scroll up to the uppermost right part of the screen to locate and click Save

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