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How do I set up Lawcus Add-In Integration with Outlook Email?
How do I set up Lawcus Add-In Integration with Outlook Email?

Lawcus Add-In Integration with Outlook Email

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For Lawcus users who use Outlook mail, integrating the Lawcus Add-In tool with your mailbox expands the latter's capabilities, allowing you to log emails to a specific matter with one click.

​This article includes how to integrate Lawcus Add-In for Outlook on both browser and desktop versions.

​Also, to check how to get the Add-In on Windows or macOS, visit here,

Lawcus Add-In Integration for Outlook Browser Version

To Setup Outlook Add-In integration with Lawcus on the browser:

  1. Navigate to your Outlook inbox on your browser

  2. Open a test email

  3. Click on the three dots and select 'Get Add-Ins.'

  4. In the search box, enter 'Lawcus' and choose the result.

  5. Click 'Add' and close the dialog window

  6. Select the Lawcus logo and choose 'Send this email to Lawcus.'

  7. Click the 'Log to existing team' option and log in using your credentials.

  8. Connect the test email to a test matter.

Note: The Outlook browser add-in can only be used to log emails to Lawcus matters and nothing more

Lawcus Add-in Integration for Outlook Desktop

To Setup Lawcus Add-in Integration for Outlook Desktop:

  1. Click the Browse Add-ins button.

  2. Enter Lawcus in the search box and tap the result.

  3. Click Add and then close the dialog window.

  4. Open up a test email and click Send this email to Lawcus.

  5. Click the Log to Existing Team button and then enter your Lawcus account login details.

  6. Feel free to start logging emails to any Lawcus matter.

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