When you've got a lot of client invoices to send, it can be pretty choking and cumbersome to send them one-by-one. To ease that process, you can create a workflow that automates the sending of invoices, so you don't have to repeat the sending process every time.

To automate the sending of invoices using a workflow triggered by matter creation:

  1. Click Automation on the left side-bar menu

  2. Navigate to the Workflows tab and click the + to add a new workflow

  3. Enter your workflow name (and description, if desired), specify trigger type and source, then tap Continue

  4. Select Create Document as a new action, tap Next, choose Matter/Lead ID and document template, then click Continue + new action

  5. Configure a Send Email step by outlining the email content and attaching the document previously prepared, then click Continue + new action

  6. Choose Create Invoice as a new action, tap Next, setup it up, and click Continue + new action

  7. Build a Send Email step for invoice payment by adding the payment link for the previously-generated invoice in the email

  8. Click Save to bring the workflow to an end and save your progress

Anticipated Workflow Result

Once triggered by the creation of a matter, the above workflow will create an engagement letter and send same as an email attachment to the concerned client. Thereafter, an invoice is automatically created and its payment link forwarded to the client through an email.

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