By default, Lawcus provides five default email templates for use in actions such as Client Portal New Message, Client Portal Invitation, Team Member Invitation, New Task Assigned, and Matter note shared with client.

Whether or not you desire to use these email templates perpetually, it is required to set them up as default templates as part of your initial account configuration. This keeps you from firing off blank emails to clients till you (ever) decide to craft a custom email template that appropriately captures your firm style and voice.

Setting up your initial default email templates

To assign provided email templates as initial default:

  1. Go to Automation

  2. Navigate to the Email Templates tab and tap Assign templates

  3. Click Create Default Templates, then tap Save

Assigning your custom email templates to specific actions

To foster brand consistency, Lawcus allows you to assign your custom-crafted email templates to specific user-related actions, making those the default content contained in the notifications sent to your clients in respect of the associated action.

To assign custom email templates to specific actions:

  1. Tap Automation from the side-bar menu

  2. Navigate to Email Templates and tap Assign Templates

  3. Assign email templates to desired actions

  4. Once done, click Save

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