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How to Assign Email Templates to Actions?
How to Assign Email Templates to Actions?

Configure default and custom email templates for actions in Lawcus to ensure brand consistency.

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Lawcus offers a range of default email templates to streamline your workflow. These templates are designed for various actions such as Client Portal New Messages, Client Portal Invitations, Team Member Invitation, New Task Assigned, and Matter Notes shared with clients. While you have the option to use these default templates indefinitely, it is essential to configure them as default templates during your initial account setup. This ensures that you don't inadvertently send out empty emails to clients until you've crafted a customized email template that aligns with your firm's style and voice.

Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up your initial default email templates:

  1. Go to Automation.

  2. Go to the Email Templates tab and click on Assign Templates.

  3. Click Create Default Templates. Save your changes to finalize the assignment of default templates.

Assigning your custom email templates to specific actions

Once you've established your default templates, Lawcus empowers you to maintain brand consistency by assigning custom-crafted email templates to specific user-related actions. This enables you to personalize the content of notifications sent to clients for each associated action.

To assign custom email templates to specific actions, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Automation section from the sidebar menu.

  2. Navigate to Email Templates and select Assign Templates.

  3. Choose the desired actions to which you want to assign email templates.

  4. Once you have made the necessary assignments, save your changes to implement them effectively.

    By leveraging Lawcus' flexible email template assignment capabilities, you can ensure that the notifications sent to your clients consistently reflect your firm's unique branding and messaging.

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