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How to Bind a Custom Field to an Intake Form?
How to Bind a Custom Field to an Intake Form?

Learn how to link custom fields to intake forms in Lawcus, enhancing information gathering and display capabilities.

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You can maximize the use of your custom fields by binding them to intake forms. This enables you to gather all the necessary information to understand the legal situation and the client involved and display this information in the lead/matter interface.

Binding Instructions

To ensure that the bound custom fields appear when filled out by a prospect, they must adhere to the following setup rules.

For example, let's take a look at the rule for the Single Line Text type of question in the first line of the rules shown above. The lead's input for a single-line text question type will be displayed if and only if:

  • Text: The answer for a text-type custom field is in text format.

  • Multiline Text: The answer for a multiline text-type custom field is in multiline text format.

  • Checkbox: The answer for a checkbox-type custom field is in Yes/No format.

  • Date: Date answers in any format are not accepted.

  • Number: The answer for a number-type custom field is in numeric format.

  • Picklist: The answer for a picklist-type custom field exactly corresponds to one of the displayed picklist options.

  • Email Address: The answer for an email address-type custom field is a valid email address.

  • Organization User: The answer for an organization user-type custom field matches a valid teammate name.

  • Contact: The answer for a contacts-type custom field corresponds to a valid contact name.

Note: To bind a custom field to an intake form, you must have created your custom fields beforehand, whether they are contact or matter custom fields.

Binding a Custom Field to an Intake Form

To bind/link a custom field to an intake form, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Automations and select Intake Forms.

  2. Open an existing intake form (or create a new one if desired), then locate the desired form question.

  3. Click the link icon beneath the question, then choose the custom field you want to bind from the dropdown options in the "Map the question to field" section.

  4. Close the dialog window, then click Update to complete the process.


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