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How to Add a New Client Intake Form in Lawcus?
How to Add a New Client Intake Form in Lawcus?

Creating Client Intake Forms in Lawcus: Easy Steps & Tips

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Creating a client intake form in Lawcus is a straightforward process that helps streamline client information gathering.

Follow these steps to add a new client intake form:

  1. Start by navigating to the "Automation" section on the left sidebar menu of your Lawcus dashboard. Click on it to proceed.

  2. In the Automation section, locate and click on "Intake Forms." This is where you'll manage and create your client intake forms.

  3. Click the "+Add New Form" button to create a new client intake form. This action will initiate the form-creation process. In the form creation window, you'll need to provide some essential details:

    1. Title: Enter a title for your form. This should succinctly describe the purpose or topic of the intake form.

    2. Description (Optional): If needed, you can add a description to provide additional context or instructions for the form.

    3. Question Type: Select the appropriate question type that best suits the data you intend to capture (explained below).

    4. Add Questions: Add the specific questions you want to ask in your form.

    5. Add Options: If applicable, provide answer options for multiple-choice questions.

  4. After configuring the form to your liking, click the "Save" button to save your changes.

    Note: If this form is intended solely for internal management purposes, you can enable the "Internal Form" toggle.

Now, let's clarify some terms:

  • Title: The title is a brief, descriptive name for your intake form. It should give users a clear idea of the form's purpose.

  • Description: This is an optional field where you can provide additional information, context, or instructions regarding the form's purpose.

  • Question: A question is a prompt or inquiry that you want respondents to answer on the intake form. It can be a single question or a series of questions.

  • Option: Options are answer choices provided for multiple-choice questions. Respondents can select from these options when answering.

Define Your Question Type:

Customize the question type to match your specific requirements. You can choose from various question types, including:

  • Add Info: Use this to capture client information, related contact info, or lead information.

  • Text Length: Select between "Single Line Text" or "Paragraph Text" for text-based answers.

  • Choice Option: Make questions "Single Choice," or "Multiple Choice," or create a "Pick List" for multiple options.

  • Ratings or Scales: Add rating scales or tables to gather specific feedback or assessments.

  • Image or File Upload: Enable image or file uploads to collect relevant documents or visuals.

  • Email or Contact Details: Format questions to conveniently capture email addresses or contact details.

Pro Tips:

  1. Mapping Answers: To link answers to specific custom fields that update matters or contacts, click the "Link Button" beneath the question and select "Map the question to." Detailed mapping instructions are available on the same page.

  2. Required Questions: Mark questions as mandatory by toggling the "Required" option if necessary.

  3. Deleting Questions: To remove a question from the form, click the "Trash Button."

  4. Show/Hide Questions: Customize the visibility of questions by clicking the ellipsis button and selecting "Show/Hide Questions."

  5. Adding Pages: Create sections within your form by adding pages. You can use pages to organize questions or set up skip logic processes. Access the "Add page" button below the questions.

  6. Adding Dividers: Dividers help visually separate content within a form. To add a divider, click "Add" at the bottom and select "Divider" from the menu.

  7. Title and Description for Sections: You can include titles and descriptions for sections within your form. Click "Add" at the bottom and select "Add title and description" from the dropdown menu.

  8. Utilizing "Add Button": Use the "Add Button" at the bottom to choose the question type you want to add to your form.

By following these steps and tips, you can efficiently create and customize client intake forms to suit your specific needs within Lawcus.

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