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How to Share a Matter with the Client on Lawcus?
How to Share a Matter with the Client on Lawcus?

Effortlessly share matters with clients on Lawcus, fostering transparency and trust.

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In Lawcus, you have the ability to share a matter with your clients, allowing them to stay informed about the progress and updates regarding their case. This transparency fosters a strong relationship with your clients, making them feel assured that their case is a top priority for your law firm.

Note: It's much easier to add the new client as a person or contact on your Lawcus account before sharing the matter.

Note: To share a matter with a client, adding them as a contact in your Lawcus account is essential. You can easily add them while sharing the matter if they are not yet added.

This guide will walk you through the simple steps to effectively share a matter with your client.

Step-by-Step Guide to Sharing a Matter with the Client:

1. Navigate to the Matters section, where all your legal matters are organized.

2. Click on the specific matter that you wish to share with the client to open its details page.

3. Find the "Quick Actions" menu and click on the "Share Matter with Client" option to initiate the sharing process.

4. A search box with a dropdown menu of existing client contacts will appear. Choose the relevant client's name from the list.

5. Click the "Share with client" button to share the matter with the client.

Note: If the client hasn't been added as a contact or invited to Client Portal, entering their email in the search box takes you to a window to add them. On entering the new client's name and country, the client is added as a contact, and a Client Portal invitation mail is sent to them automatically.

Sharing a matter with your client on Lawcus is a seamless process that ensures your clients are kept informed and involved in their cases. By following the straightforward steps outlined in this guide, you can easily share the selected matter with existing clients and even add new clients as contacts while sharing the matter. Embracing transparency and communication through sharing matters will strengthen the attorney-client relationship and lead to more satisfied clients.

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