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How to Import Matters into Lawcus?
How to Import Matters into Lawcus?

Effortlessly import matters into Lawcus for seamless case management.

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Ensure seamless case management with Lawcus by importing your existing matters data from your previous practice management software.

Note: To successfully import matters into Lawcus, your CSV file must be structured correctly to match the provided Matters Import Sample. The file should have the following column order: Matter Name, Workflow Name, Stage Name, Number, Open Date (mm/dd/yyyy), Practice Area, Case Description, Matter Closed (TRUE or FALSE), Closed Date (mm/dd/yyyy), Due Date (mm/dd/yyyy), and Client Name.

To efficiently import multiple matters into your Lawcus account, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your avatar icon in the Lawcus interface and select "Settings."

  2. In the "Settings" menu, click on "Apps and Integrations," and then choose "Export & Import."

  3. Within the "Export & Import" section, navigate to the "Matters" tab and select the "Import" option.

  4. To initiate the import process, click on the designated area to upload your data and select the checkbox “Check for duplicate matter names, pipeline and stage.”

Additional Tips:

  • Import Contacts First (Optional): While importing contacts before matters is optional, it can streamline the process of associating matters with the relevant client contacts. If a client's details have not been imported, Lawcus will automatically create a new contact for them.

  • Workflow and Stage Requirements: Ensure that you have specified both the Workflow Name and Stage Name in your CSV file. Lawcus will generate new workflows and stages for you if they do not already exist in your account.

By following these steps and ensuring your data is properly formatted, you can seamlessly import matters into Lawcus and maintain the continuity and efficiency of your legal practice.

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