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How to Import Contacts in Lawcus?
How to Import Contacts in Lawcus?

Effortlessly import contacts in Lawcus via CSV files. Streamline your legal practice management.

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Lawcus allows you to import large amounts of clients, leads, and other legal stakeholders' information into your account within a few clicks. All that is necessary is that the information to be imported is accessible in a .csv file format.

Importing contacts to Lawcus:

  1. Click on the avatar image and tap Settings.

  2. Open Apps and Integrations section, then click Export & Import.

  3. Navigate to Clients tab, then the Import tab.

  4. Import your data by clicking the shape.

Note: The data import file must have the following column order:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Name (for Type 'Company')

  • Type ('Company'/'Person', if left empty, will be set to 'Person')

  • Title

  • Primary Email

  • Primary Phone

  • Emails (can contain multi-values separated by the; character)

  • Phones (can contain multi-values separated by the; character)

  • Addresses (can contain multi-values separated by the character).

Here's a downloadable sample file for your reference and consideration.

By following these simple steps, you can efficiently import your contacts into Lawcus, making it easier to manage your legal practice and keep track of your clients and stakeholders.

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