Referrals are the lifeblood of every firm's marketing and business growth, yet they seldom occur accidentally. You may get the infrequent reference from an acquaintance or former client, but this will have little influence on the firm's earnings.

Adding a newer referral source or deleting a less-active one brings order to your strategic marketing processes enabling you to collect data on referral sources to focus more on and which to drop altogether.

Adding a new referral source

To add a new referral sources:

  1. Navigate to and click Leads on the far-left menu

  2. Tap More Actions, then click Lead Sources from the dropdown options

  3. Enter your new referral source in the empty field, then tap Enter on the keyboard

Editing an existing referral sources

To edit an existing referral source:

  1. Tap the pen-like edit icon in front of a desired referral source, then move the cursor to the field

  2. Make your edit and tap Enter on your keyboard

Deleting a referral source

To delete a referral source:

  1. Tap the delete icon in front of the desired source

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