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How to Set Hourly Rate at Matter Level?
How to Set Hourly Rate at Matter Level?

Learn how to set hourly rates for matters in Lawcus efficiently.

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Setting an hourly rate at the matter level is a great way to ensure proper billing for your matters.

Here are the steps for setting up hourly rates for each matter:

  1. Go to the new matter creation window or edit an existing matter.

  2. Click on "Billing Type" and select "Hourly" from the dropdown list.

  3. Click on "Add a Custom Rate.” Note that this custom rate is particularly applicable to this matter.

  4. You can select a User or "User Group" to customize the hourly rate. If you have a blended hourly rate for the matter, please select "Everyone" from the dropdown and type the rate applicable.

  5. If you have no other value to enter apart from this, go ahead with Saving the changes or creating a new matter.

You're Done!

Now that your hourly rate is set for the matter, all your time entries will be billed accordingly.

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