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How to Create a Credit Request in Lawcus?
How to Create a Credit Request in Lawcus?

Streamline payments with Lawcus Credit Requests.

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Credit requests in Lawcus enable you to send upfront payment solicitations to your clients. These requests result in funds being deposited into your Operating Account, and the corresponding balance decreases as the credit request is issued in the client's name. Follow the simple steps below to create a credit request and streamline your payment process.

To create a credit request:

1. Navigate to the Invoices tab and click on it.


2. Once on the Invoices page, locate and click the "Credit Request" button.


3. In the credit request creation form, you need to provide specific details for the request. Ensure you complete the fields accurately.
โ€‹4. Once you are confident with the information provided, click on the "Create" button to initiate the credit request.


You have now successfully created a credit request using Lawcus. Your client will receive a notification with the payment details, and upon completion, the funds will be deposited into your Operating Account. This streamlined process makes it easier for you to manage payments and maintain a transparent financial relationship with your clients.

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