How to create an invoice?

A step-by-step guide on easily creating invoices on Lawcus and streamlining invoicing processes for legal professionals.

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Creating invoices on Lawcus is a breeze with various options available to you. You can choose from several places to initiate the process, select invoice templates, add time and expense entries, apply tax and discounts, and perform other invoicing actions. Let's take a look at the three different ways to create an invoice on Lawcus:

1: Creating Invoices from the Work-in-Progress window on Dashboard

1. Go to the Dashboard.


2. Locate the Work in Progress box and click "Click to Create Invoice."


3. Select a matter for which you want to create an invoice and click Next.


4. Edit your law firm details if needed. Then, click Next


5. Select invoiced time entries, input tax percentage and tax name, and click Next.


6. Make edits in the final window, and once done, click "Create."


2: Creating Invoices from Matter

1. Go to Matters.


2. Click on the matter for which you want to create an invoice.


3. Scroll down to the financial info section and click Create invoice.


4. Input necessary invoice details and click Save.


3. Creating Invoices from Invoice Tab (First Method)

1. Navigate to Invoice from the left side-menu bar.


2. Click Billable Clients.


3. Create your invoice by following the on-screen instructions


Note: You can filter based on clients, matters, date, responsible attorney etc.

4. After filtering, you can bulk-select the matters that qualify to batch create invoices simultaneously.


3. Creating Invoices from Invoice Tab (Second Method)

1. Navigate to Invoice from the left side-menu bar.


2. Click New Invoice


3. Select a matter and client in the Company Information section.


4. Locate and click "Add uninvoiced activity" for the selected matter. If there is an activity for which you haven't billed the client, you can add it here, along with any expense, time entry, or flat fee, by clicking the applicable section.


Note: You can choose to filter uninvoiced activities by different time ranges.

With these simple steps, you can easily create invoices on Lawcus, saving time and streamlining your billing process.

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