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Simplified Flat Rate Billing in Lawcus
Simplified Flat Rate Billing in Lawcus

Efficiently bill clients using flat rates in Lawcus.

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Lawcus simplifies Flat Rate Billing, streamlining the process of billing clients on specific matters. This guide provides a concise overview of the steps involved.

For New Matters:

  1. When you create a new matter, click on the "Billing Type" dropdown and select “Flat rate” as the billing type.

  2. Specify the flat rate for this matter by clicking “Billing Rate.”

    Note: Lawcus automatically records a one-hour time entry at the flat rate.

  3. Click "Create Invoice" under the “Financial Info” section within the matter.

  4. Review the invoice and click "Save" to finalize it.

For existing matters:

  1. Go to the matter window. Click on “Add flat fee” and add the details.

  2. Return to the “Financial info” section and click “Create Invoice” to proceed.

  3. Review the invoice and click "Save" to finalize it.

Note: Lawcus allows ongoing time tracking for the same matter.

With Lawcus, you can efficiently bill clients using flat-rate pricing, easily create invoices, and still track time when necessary, ensuring accurate and hassle-free billing.

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